Art of the Real by Carlos Perez

As an artist I continue to challenge my self to design ways to bring forth compositions that engage viewers. I love nothing more than taking a scene or objects from real life or a digital image and making them come alive on canvas. It’s so rewarding to see or hear about the joy that a finished piece brings to people… That keeps me going.
Design requires thought. It’s difficult to improve on the whole of what I see, but to make a feature in a composition pop, it’s best to isolate it. For example a herd of wild mustangs running free through the high desert. I could paint showing every sage plant and tree, or just mustangs running with a hint of the desert in the background, making the mustangs pop and better expressing what I’m feeling.
My pallet is primary colors avoiding black or earth-tones. Some unusual colors require synthetic pigments such as a sunlit wildflower. The pallet is pushed without getting expressionistic while matching the light in nature and sometimes pushing it just a little.
My original work in oil is also reproduced on Giclée cotton duck canvas, brushed metal, hardwood, stone.

Art of the Real by Carlos Perez Art of the Real by Carlos Perez Art of the Real by Carlos Perez
Tags: Handmade, Made locally
Keywords: Original Oil Paintings, Wild Mustangs of Utah, Giclee on Canvas, Local Utah Art

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