Flow Apparel

Flow Apparel is a local clothing brand run by a 16 year-old, Jack Goodman, that offers hoodies, t-shirts, etc. Flow Apparel, started by Jack in 2018 when he was 14, sells comfortable clothing for an affordable price and is also a great Park City souvenir. Due to recent events, all profits are being split up equally and donated to the black lives matter charity, campaign zero, the black visions collective, and the George Floyd memorial fund. Flow Apparel clothing is based off a modern street wear look, that also captures the open-minded individuality of Park City locals. Flow Apparel is about going with the flow, but also going against it and choosing your own path. Flow Apparel can only be purchased from flowapparel.us at this time.

Flow Apparel Flow Apparel Flow Apparel Flow Apparel
Tags: Custom, Made locally
Youth vendor: Yes
Keywords: Streetwear, Clothing, Flow, Apparel, Swag, Souvenir, Park, City, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Shirts, T-Shirts, Hats, Visors, Beanies, Rugby, Charity

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