At LilahV we hand make fine jewelry using 14k gold fill and vintage beads from the 1920’s. Every piece is either one of a kind or limited edition because the beads have an incredible story.

1920’s GERMANY
Artists flocked to a famous Bauhaus studio creating innovative designs using glass and color including these incredible beads. Each gold trim bead was painted with platinum then 24k gold. Almost 100 years has given the gold a satin sheen.

During WWII the factory was bombed reducing it to rubble. It was decades before the beads were found in the debris making these glass art forms rare and precious.

LilahV has a secret cache of original Bauhaus beads.

These remarkable beads along with the principles of Bauhaus, Pop Art and Minimalism make up the unique jewelry of LilahV.

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Online always open!
Want to create a one of a kind necklace, earrings or bracelet in the studio with me? Pick out your favorite beads, we will chat over fresh mint tea from the garden how you want to wear your jewelry (office, event, etc) and I will design just for you! Please email for an appointment.

Tags: Handmade, Made locally
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