Mountain View Art of Park City

Polished red Abalone is used to create my art pieces. I also used re-purposed woods and barn-wood for frames. We also preserve and repurposed dried preserved flowers. These are arranged on repurposed glass and then covered in resin and framed with barn wood.
I give classes so you can make your own projects, I can go to parties, clubs sites, church events for both abalone art and dried flower arrangements. I have thousands of pounds of abalone shells, lots of dried flowers and stacks of barn wood for plenty of projects.

Please visit my web site at

Mountain View Art of Park City
Hours of operation:

8 AM to 6 PM

Tags: Custom, Distributor, Handmade, Made locally
Keywords: Abalone, sea shells, pearl, barn wood, resin, preserved, dried, flowers, re-purposed, repurposed, art, class, classes, wall hanging

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