Opportunity Fund for Developing Countries - OFDC

Grassroots and volunteer-powered, OFDC invests in people. All focus areas are village collaborative and culturally sensitive; meaning we listen to the local communities to learn what they need and have them share in the project’s costs. Our dedicated, skilled, and heart-felt volunteers from both sides of the ocean learn from each other and work hard to have the largest impact possible.

Your donation to OFDC empowers women through training and informative lessons. Your donation educates children through school sponsorship, the giving of school uniforms, and the construction of school desks. Your donation enhances health for all with disease prevention information sessions and the building of water wells, rainwater catchments, and latrines.

Efficient and diligent stewards of your donated dollars, OFDC concentrates on what really matters: long term solutions to locally identified problems. Past country projects include Bolivia, Guatemala, Malawi, and Nepal. Now focusing on remote areas of Kenya, your donation continues to actuate sustainability, self-reliance, and human achievement.

Our community involved solutions to end poverty are funded through donations from big-hearted people like you and grants from various foundations. All projects require that the local community provide 20% of the project’s cost. This gives the community a sense of self-reliance and ownership for each project completed.

Opportunity Fund for Developing Countries - OFDC
Keywords: Empowerment, Women, Children, Education, Poverty

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