A framed wild wolf photo hanging in the hall of his grandparents home enamored Patrick every time he visited. He took the first photography class available to him in 1999 in High School, where they had a dark room, and he learned how to develop film, and make silver gelatin prints. Patrick then attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. There he began to master fine art print making. After College he acquired a job printing for a major gallery of an award winning national geographic photographer. Patricks full time job now, and for the past 7 years, has been printing and production for the numerous art festivals he attends, totaling around 35 days of shows a year.

After decades of experience, numerous papers and printers and substrates tested, Patrick has created a unique formula for his printing and photo finishing.

The Print:

Aqueous pigment ink on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin. A soft sheen reverberates the color and darker tones, while the sheen is minimized in the whites. This gives depth to the image and a 3-Dimensional quality. The 100% cotton paper is acid and lignin texture of the photo rag gives a smooth fine art feel Patrick prefers for his photographs.

The Mount:

Two sheets of pre painted aluminum are used for superior smoothness and rigidity, which are faced over a polyethylene core. This material will not bow or warp, is acid free and ph neutral. An acid free adhesive is carefully pressed into the board, and when examined for smoothness, the final print is then pressed into the coated board.

The Varnish:

A lab tested and certi fied archival, low solids formula is sprayed into and on the print using a High Volume Low Pressure spray system done personally by Patrick. His spray method allows for perfectly smooth coverage of the varnish. The varnish is 100% clear and with the low solids solutions, does not change the sheen and surface characteristics of the paper. The varnish contains UV inhibitors and provides a barrier to moisture, and is scratch resistant. Why no glass? It interferes with the sheen and texture of the piece, in Patrick opinion. With archival testing the varnish is more than enough for lifetimes of enjoyment without any noticeable fading. Still want glass? Not a problem, it can be added to any order.

The Photography:

1.) Film Work: A hand made-to-order 4”x10” large format wood field camera. Twice the size of a more common 4×5. Film is hand cut from 8×10” in a dark room. Black and white film is developed by Patrick himself. Selected images for print are drum scanned. For the younger generation, these scanned files sizes reach over 4 gigs. This field camera is also convertible to a 4×5.

2.) When a more portable and faster approach is needed, Patrick has been using Canon for decades. His first camera was a 35mm film AE-1. While owning multiple camera bodies, his “go to” is currently the Canon 5dsr, a full frame 35mm 50 megapixel SLR. Though this will quickly change with he rapidly evolving digital photography world. Multiple lenses are used depending on the subject matter.

Photographic Concentration: Growing up in the Inland Northwest, and living throughout the Western U.S. my entire life, I am enamored and humble by the American West. I set out to capture its grandeur and its details, and everything in between. I share its rugged dramatic landscapes, and also need to pause, and capture its more simple characteristics. Please enjoy.


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